We try to match the articles we find to a published article with a Crossref DOI in one of two ways: by DOI, or by title and author.

Matching by DOI is greatly preferred because it’s an exact one-to-one match. 


  • The article’s DOI should be in a <dc:identifier> element in the PMH record.
    • The value of this element should be formatted like <dc:identifier>doi:YOUR_DOI</dc:identifier>
    • There should be only one identifier element containing a DOI.
  • If an identifier element cannot be used, put the DOI in a <dc:relation> element instead.
    • The relation should be formatted the same way as an identifier.
    • If there is more than relation with a DOI, we'll assume they belong to the article's references rather than the article itself.

Matching by title and author is possible as a fallback.


  • The article’s title should be present in a <dc:title> element.
  • The name of at least the article’s first author should be present in a <dc:creator> element.