Probably! We automatically find and index new journals so it's likely there is nothing you need to do. 

To check if your journal was already discovered by Unpaywall, enter some DOIs into the Simple Query Tool. In the results, if fields such as journal_name, publisher, and journal_issns are all blank, then the DOI is not in Unpaywall.

I checked and my journal is not in Unpaywall

There are a few requirements for a journal to be indexed. A journal will be indexed in Unpaywall if:

1. Your articles have DOIs assigned

2. The DOIs are are registered through Crossref. You can test if a DOI is registered through Crossref by inserting a DOI into this link: (link is example and does not work)

For example, if your DOI is 10.1037/0003-066X.59.1.29, you would visit: and see a response like:


  status: "ok",

  message-type: "work-agency",

  message-version: "1.0.0",

  message: {

    DOI: "10.1037/0003-066x.59.1.29",

    agency: {

      id: "crossref",

      label: "Crossref"



Since the agency ID is "crossref" this DOI can be automatically discovered in Unpaywall.

3. The DOI link leads to an article landing page, such as ->

If only some of the articles in your journal meet this criteria, that's fine! We will index the ones that are available.

If your articles meet the criteria above and are not available, let us know! But please be patient when publishing new articles, as it can take a day or two for articles to make it into our system.

If you don't use Crossref DOIs - or don't use DOIs at all - it's not currently possible to index your journal in Unpaywall.