Unpaywall Journals uses Continual Integration for releases: we are continually refining the production product, both its appearance and its underlying data.  This means you will often see changes in the UI/UX, and sometimes in the presented data.  Most of these changes are too small to note, but we'll keep a record of the larger ones here:

  • 2019/12/01: Added NCPPU Rank column
  • 2019/12/01: Improved modeling to include the growth (or decline) in number of articles published in each journal over the next five years, based on growth curve of the last five years.  Previously assumed the number of articles would be constant.
  • 2019/12/01: Improved modeling to use smoothed data for each journal's download-by-age curve (fits an exponential curve) to decrease noise.  Previously used raw data, or an averaged curve across all journals when too erratic.
  • 2019/11/20: Created a new tab named Journals, which lets you add and remove columns from the journal table.  Removed tabs that were named after specific column sets.