Get Informed

Pull together comprehensive data on open access, institutional citation rates and authorship, APC spending and more.

  • Include Open Access

    Get journal-level open access details from Unpaywall, the industry leaders in Open Access data.

  • Connect with APC spending

    Automatically determine how much money your institution pays in open access publishing fees to understand your entire spend to publishers.

  • Look beyond cost-per-use

    Model how citations and authorship from your faculty affect journal value.

Keep optimizing

Identify cost saving opportunities that work for your institution, given your unique assumptions, usage patterns, and priorities.

  • Stop paying for free content

    Calculate Net Cost per Paid Use, excluding OA content when assessing subscription value, and exclude backfile access as well where relevant.

  • Look ahead five years

    Base your decisions on projections of future usage and availability, rather than how things have been. Configure every aspect of the model, to reflect your personal assumptions and risk tolerance--from ILL costs, to the effects of Plan S.

  • Customize for your institution's values

    Balance your serials budget with your institutions's needs, weighing citations, authorships, and speed of access as best fits your community.

Stay Organized

Bring prices, COUNTER, open access, citations, authorships, and backfile usage together in one place, so you can integrate, experiment, and share.

  • Stop juggling spreadsheets

    The easy-to-use web interface brings all your data to one place (though you can still export the data if you can't help yourself!).

  • Save Scenarios

    Want to experiment? Try a few different subscription paths -- maybe one that maximum cost-cutting and another that proposes a read and publish agreement -- and save them as you go so you can come back and compare.

  • Share with your team

    Through our Report View, bring the same data that helped inform your decisions to administration and faculty on your campus as part of your communication strategy.

Read Getting Started for more information on how to make Unpaywall Journals work for you!