All of these costs are annual averages of projections for the next five years.

Scenario Cost

The cost of this journal according to the Settings and Subscription status of the journals in this Scenario.  It will be either Subscription Cost or ILL Cost (see next columns), depending on whether the journal is currently subscribed to or not in this scenario.

Subscription Cost

The ala carte subscription cost of this journal.  It includes a 'content fee' based on your settings, and annual price increases over the next five years (the cost shown is the average cost over the next five years).  This data is based on public price lists unless you've uploaded a custom price list (available in a purchased account).

ILL Cost

The ILL subscription cost of this journal.  It is based on the ILL transaction cost from the settings, and an ILL request rate (adjustable in the settings, though the default is based on an extensive literature search of other institution's experiences). 

Subscription minus ILL Cost

The net cost of the subscription, which is the Subscription cost above minus the ILL cost (since almost all universities will offer a journal by ILL if they didn't subscribe).  For some journals with very high Usage and low subscription prices this number is actually negative -- subscribing is *cheaper* than filling all the anticipated ILL requests.

Net cost per paid use

The net cost of subscription minus ILL, divided by holistic usage to articles which aren't available for free.  More information here.


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