The Overview page gives a summary of your Scenario's Costs and Access.

The first of three bars shows the Scenario Cost as a percent of your Base Cost.  The Base cost is defined in the settings, and can be the cost of a big deal (as it is in the demo), or the sum of ala carte subscription prices if you aren't subscribed as part of a big deal.  

The middle bar shows the percent of Instant Usage in your current scenario.  Instant Usage includes usage (downloads + weighted citations and authorships: see the Impact documentation) that can be fulfilled via Open Access, Academic Social Networks like ResearchGate, your Backfile, and your Subscriptions (some of these can be excluded from your scenario -- see Fulfillment documentation).  

The final bar shows the number of journals in your Base and whether you've subscribed to them or not in your current scenario.  There is one dot per journal, and they are blue when you've subscribed and grey when you're not subscribed.

As you can see when you first arrive, with zero subscriptions the cost is low and the instant usage is already quite high.  And yet (depending on your settings) it probably gets even better!  Click *FIND BEST DEAL* to open Edit Mode.

When Edit Mode starts up it automatically subscribes you to all journals where it is cheaper to subscribe than to ILL (see the Cost documentation for more discussion).  You can then pull the slider up to experiment with the tradeoffs in paying more money and getting more Instant access -- the slider will subscribe you to journals in order of best Net Cost Per Paid Use (see the NCPPU documentation for more details).  

You can't go to zero dollars because we're assuming libraries will always offer ILL, and that has a non-zero cost.  Using Edit Mode you also can't go up to more than your original Base Cost.  To change this, you can increase the Base Cost in your settings.

Once you are happy with the balance of cost and access, click "Save Subscriptions" in Edit Mode to explore the data in more detail in the Journals tab.

If, while exploring other pages, you decide to subscribe to a journal not chosen by Edit Mode (because for example many of your faculty members are on its editorial board), you can click the shopping cart icon beside the journal name in the Journal tab.  To unsubscribe, click again and the subscription is toggled off in your scenario.

You can explore all the details of a given journal by clicking on its row in the Journals table.

Have fun!