Thanks for your interest in Unpaywall Journals!  It is currently in Beta release -- we have more documentation coming soon.  In the mean time, check out the articles in our Knowledge Base, and we welcome your questions at

What is Unpaywall Journals?

Unpaywall Journals is a data dashboard that combines journal-level citations, downloads, Open Access statistics and more, to help librarians confidently manage their serials collections.

Where do you get the data?

The bulk of the data behind Unpaywall Journals comes from the Unpaywall database, Crossref, Microsoft Academic Graph, and a crowdsourced initiative from librarians!

Baseline models are then customized to a given institution, via their COUNTER files, customized price lists, and customized perpetual-access lists.

The free demo data is based on the current Elsevier Big Deal of a large USA R1 university.

How are you doing the forecasting?

Our overall approach is described in this preprint on bioRxiv.

Does Unpaywall Journals work for a consortium?

Yes!  We look forward to announcing our first consortium customer soon:  OhioLINK.

Does Unpaywall Journals work if I don't have a Big Deal?

Yes!  You can include individual subscriptions in a package.

Why did the data change?

The data may change for a variety of reasons, including better affiliation matches, improved modeling, and bug fixes.

I have a suggestion!  What do I do now?

Great!  Unpaywall Journals is in Beta Release and we'd love your feedback! Please let us know: 

I found a bug!  What do I do now?

Good catch!  Thanks for helping the Beta Release of Unpaywall Journals improve.  Please let us know:  

A few more detailed FAQs have their own help pages: